Born in Staffordshire U.K, Steve soon got a taste for electronic music back in the days of hip hop and break dance. Starting out mixing on his parents and sisters hifi's he soon got the feel for Djing. By 1988 Steve had soon bought himself a set of Technics and was doing house parties and illegal warehouses locally, from there on he got residencies at local pubs and clubs. By the early to mid 90's being influenced by dj's like Ellis Dee, Mickey Finn, Carl Cox, Fabio and Grooverider and many more he started to play jungle music at his local residencies which went down a storm. By the late 90's Steve moved away to Stoke -On-Trent and decided to have a break from the music scene to concentrate on other things. Then in the year 2000 Steve took a trip to the lovely land of Portugal where he was introduced to the sound of Tribal and the Iberican sound by his brother in law, this sound totally took him away and he was soon to get back to the music with this awesome new sound he had found formally known as Tribal House. At this time Steve was playing some of the Tribal music he brought back from Portugal on his decks which had been shut away for a while. After spinning this sound on the decks Steve decided they he loved this Darker Vibe and went into producing it. Driven by the sounds of the Portuguese Dj "Dj Vibe" and the Spanish duo "Chus and Ceballos" he was producing tracks in such a way that his passion grew deeper and deeper for this kind of vibe. From that day until present he hasnít stopped producing this sound with awesome quality. Not having much of a musical background in the way of instruments everything Steve knows today is completely self taught, he says there has been a lot of trial and error but thatís what itís all about. The more mistakes you make the more you learn from them and the sooner you do it the sooner your skills progress. Going under the guise Tribal Injection for his more heavier, beefier tribal tracks and Dephunk for his more funkier tracks its taken Steve a while to get where his is now and to gain any recognition for his works but now with releases on Play Recordings and remixes on Filthy Groovin Records starting to make their way out and him gaining a name for himself he should definitely be one to look out for. Moving forward he also decided to enter the world of Funky/Latin House which he will go under the guise of S.E.R-Project. "I eat, sleep, drink music especially all genres of electronica there is no other vibe that I enjoy. I love it and I'm not planning on stopping any time soon, its all about the music the love of the music. Steve says so keep your eyes peeled and an ear to the ground for more to come from this talented Dj/Producer.

In 2007, Knob Records features the Tribal Injection release,
"Tribal Minds EP".

In 2008, Knob Records features the Tribal Injection release,
"Where I Am EP" and a Tribal Injection Remix of Da Silva & Lino's, "Baby Let's Play House".

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Tribal Injection

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