DJ Thee-O of Los Angeles has always had a love for music. When he was a child at the tender age of 5, he began taking a portable record player with him at all times and entertained classmates and friends with the soundtracks of "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever". At the age of 13, with the help of his mother and aunt he obtained his first set of turntables and a mixer. Throughout high school he DJed at school dances and house parties where he honed his scratching skills. After he graduated High School in 1991 he was about to embark on training to be a opera singer but got sidetracked when he went to his first rave in early 1992. After that fateful night, he knew what he wanted to do with his life. It didn't take him that long. With his first gig, "Under the Kandyground" in March of 1992, he began building a reputation as one of L.A.'s leading dance DJs. Probably best known for his talented mixing and scratching skills and love for all things Electronic Music. His following continues to grow in the city of L.A. and beyond, with help from his numerous amount of mix tapes, CD's, MP3 Sets, original music production and untiring efforts for the scene he loves.

He has been heralded as the most popular and hardworking DJ in Los Angeles. And that hardwork is paying off. In 1993 he started Biohazard Productions as collective of like minded DJ's that now consists of a dozen other DJ's of high caliber. In 1995 he threw his first event aptly titled "Tomorrowland". In 1996 he started writing for URB Magazine as a reviewer for Trance music. In 1997 he became part of the Balance Record Pool which is considered the best electronic dance pool in the country. In 1998 he released his first commercially available mix CD, "Skywalking" under the Base 9 label. In 1999 he was voted as one of the top 20 DJ's in online poll conducted by In the year 2000 he has spun at every major dance event that happened in Los Angeles (including Audiotistic, Electric Daisy Carnival, Jujubeats, Monster Massive and Nocturnal Wonderland). In October of 2000 he and his studio-partner Chris Arnold opened up Biohazard Studios, located inside the Til Dawn offices, right in the heart of Hollywood. In 2001 he released his first CD of original ambient and downtempo music under the name Reef Project and also became the Los Angeles representative in a new mixshow called Revolutions, on the satellite radio sevice known as XM Radio. In 2002 he became the first LA talent to join the ranks of Fate Management based in San Francisco. In 2003 he started his own show on XM Radio called Hazardous Radio. In 2005, he built the second version of the Biohazard Studios and created a digital label called Biohazard Digital that sells tracks on Beatport, Audiojelly, Release Records as well as other digital download stores. Currently, he is working in the studio producing tracks not only to be released on his own label but also working on tracks and remixes for other labels including Knob Records, Queep Organic House, South Records, Atsuo Records, Mining Vinyl, Reticent Recordings and 130 Recordings just to name a few. Look out for more productions to be dropping from the Biohazard Studios on many labels coming to you soon both digitally and on vinyl.

Over the past years he has spun next to Outkast, Orbital, Underworld, BT, Judge Jules, The Orb, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, Aphex Twin, 808 State, Chemical Brothers, Mixmaster Morris, Blank & Jones, 2 Bad Mice, Carl Craig, Rabbit in the Moon, Juno Reactor, Dave Angel, Loop Guru, Westbam, X-Cabs, The Roots, Atomic Babies and many notable others. His talents have landed him residencies with Go Ventures, TeknoKlub, ROAM, Channel 36, 26c, and at Magic Wednesdays in Hollywood and has taken him to 3 countries, 30 states and over 60 cities. Soon he will be traveling abroad to even more locations to spread his sound.

A Thee-O live set is something not to be missed. put it best when it stated that, "Thee-O's greatest strength is that he is never weak. Some DJ's can tear off a great set on one night, then crap out on another. Thee-O oftentimes approaches greatness, but never falls into mediocrity" while The Rave Section at proclaims: "Thee-O continually proves to be the LA techno/trance master."

Original Tracks
Thee-O -"Hearing Things" (Diversion)
Thee-O & Andy Hughes - "Rumbling Bass" (Allied)
Thee-O - "Ostentation" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O & Tony Gamboa - "Feel The Heat" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O - "Unhinged" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O & Tony Gamboa - "Feel The Heat" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O & Merlyn Martin - "Recent Origin" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O & Steve Edwards - "Girls Like Robots" (Queep Organic House)
Thee-O - "Periodic Stress" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O - "Sweat" (South Records)
Thee-O - "Muzak EP" (Knob Records)
Thee-O - "I Love Acid Music" (Queep Organic House)
Thee-O - "Release Yourself (Reticent Recordings)
Various Artists - "Hot Import Nights" (Visions)

Torin Schmitt - "Techana" (Biohazard Digital)
Tony Mendez - "Soundscapes (130 Recordings)
Tim Richards - "Makes Me What I Am" (Queep Organic House)
Tom Sawyer - "Psicosis" (Atsuo Records)
Fuzik - "Never Ever" (Queep Organic House)
Shlavens & D-Lav - "The Breeze" (Slanted House)
Noel Sanger - Sugar Hollow (Mining Vinyl)

As Reef Project
Reef Project - "Star" (Biohazard)
Reef Project - "Deep End" (Biohazard)
Various Artists - "Other Animals" (Couchblip!)
Reef Project - "New Environs" (Biohazard Digital)

In 2007, Knob Records features Thee-O's EP titled,
"Muzak EP". In addition, Thee-O showcases his remix skills on, DJ Style - "So Bad 2007".

In 2008, Knob Records features Thee-O's follow-up,
"The Music Makes Me".

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