Tarot was born and raised in Tokyo. Growing up around the
 influence of music it was only obvious that his goal at
 sixteen was to get a pair of turntables and learn how to DJ.
 Starting out Djing block parties and sweet sixteen’s, he
 knew this was the life he wanted to lead. He grew up
 listening to a variety of ethnic music. As a result, his musical
 sound resonates with percussive beats and tribal rhythms.
 As a producer, he puts a dark, techy, tribal sound that also
 wanders into progressive.

 In 1998, after Tarot graduated from college in Tokyo, he
 decided to move to New York to learn more music. He
 entered music school to be an engineer (Institute of Audio
 Research). After he graduated, he started his career as a
 studio engineer at some dance music studios in NYC. He
 spent a lot of time teaching himself the basics of midi and
 learning how to produce. In the meanwhile, he got some dj
 gigs as well. He made several guest performances at
 Limelight, Filter 14, Liquid, and Neo Gea, to name a few.

 After a few years later, he decided to start his own
 productions and remix projects. Tarot's tracks have
 received turntable action from the likes of Stephane K.,
 Saeed Younan, That Kid Chris and many others. His new
 track entitled "Everything U Feel..." will be released on
 Ready Mix Records in October 2006. He is currently in the
 studio working on original productions and remixes, and has
 teamed up with Bob Marbach for some deep house projects.

 Tarot returned to Tokyo in May of 2006. After settling in and
 learning a little more about the industry, he has been
 working on his album project with a Japanese label. Tarot is
 definitely off to a great start in the crazy world of house
 music. His Djing and Production reputation has come to
 speak for itself. Through his devotion, desire and passion for
 his music, Tarot will continue to bring us the music.


 To The Beat - Tarot [Womb Rec.] (2001)
 Feel The Music - Serebe & Tarot feat. Bongi [Catch22 Rec.]
 Never Been There - Serebe & Tarot feat. Dave Parsons
 [Eightball Trax] (2005)
 See Your Face - Serebe & Tarot feat. Dave Parsons
 [Eightball Trax] (2005)
 The Voice - Serebe & Tarot [Eightball Trax] (2005)
 The Eastside Beats EP - Tarot [Tweek'd] (2006)
 Freeway - Tarot & Marbach feat. Dominique Roy [Blackvinyl]
 Everything U Feel - Tarot [Ready Mix] (2006)

 Jill Scott - Golden (Serebe & Tarot mix)
 Blackfras - Moving Into Light (Serebe & Tarot mix)
 DJ Rooster & Sammy - Move Your Body (Tarot mix)
 Mar Project - Run (Tarot mix) [Mar Creation]
 Tribalishious - Dirty Mind (Tarot Remix) [Knob Records]

 In 2006, Knob Records features a Tarot Remix of,  Tribalishious, "Dirty Mind".

 In 2007, Tarot appears on Knob Records 20th release,  "Conscious but Sure EP".

 For additional information, check out his official website:

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