Born in São Paulo and in 1989 began to act as DJ as the most of them, in friend’s parties.

Your career, however, actually started in 1994, when played for the first time in a “real club”, the Garage, located in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo [ABC Paulista].

From this time on he never stopped playing and established his residence clubs, as Clube Cokeluxe, also in ABC Paulista, where remained as resident DJ for two year and, in 1997, invited by DJ Mauro Borges, became resident of the famous club Disco Fever, residence which lasted during four years. Improving as DJ, invitations for new residences has arisen and Ricardo was invited in 2000 to be resident DJ of Sound Factory and, in 2001, of The Hall, in Curitiba, where he was given the opportunity to establish a solid career in the State of Paraná, being club’s resident for two years and playing in almost all clubs of that region.

In this time he has been involved with the Sax Heaven project, a partnership with the saxophonist André Deschamps, proposal which intended unite the good house music with references coming from jazz and soul music. Sax Heaven innovated and excited due the sound quality and dynamic provoked by his sets. In 2003, back to São Paulo, in a partnership with Hypno agency, Ricardo and André made shows in various Brazilian States and great parties and clubs, as SKOL Spirit (Porto de Galinhas), SPEEDY PARTY (São Paulo), Fashion Club (Recife) and DOT (Maringá). At this time, Ricardo decided to deep his knowledge in electronic music production, with musical productions for house music and its offshoots. With his sophisticated taste and quality music, Ricardo arrived in Europe by means of the CD of DJ Mag, the main publication of worldwide electronic music, with the tracks Bem Melhor e Galinhada. The year of 2005 was a milestone in the career of DJ Motta, who began a tourneé in August 17 through Europe, disclosing its work and presenting in various Portuguese clubs.

Also this year, in September, he launched by the hands of Nic Fanciulli, the top DJ in Europe, in the important British record label Renaissance, the track Spy, which is among the beloved tracks of the top DJ and always played in his set, together with artists as Basemente Jaxx, Sandy Rivera, Anthony Acid and Paolo Mojo. Since beginning 2005, you can hear the sound of Ricardo Motta every Wednesdays and Saturdays as resident DJ of Bubu Lounge Disco, in São Paulo.

Ricardo has already played in the following parties and clubs: W.Club (Lisbon, Portugal),Rools Pub (Figueira da Foz, Portugal),Vinyl Plazza (Figueira da Foz, Portugal) Discoteca Karma (Rio Maior, Portugal), Lotus, Reebok Tops 2006, Disco, Pacha (São Paulo, Brazil),Daslu,Boca Club,Studio Roxy,Zoff Club(Indaiatuba,Brazil),Just Club,Off Club (Salvador,Brazil),Warung, Kiwi (Florianópolis, Brazil),Vila Uber, Cabaret, Deluxe.E, Tostex, Deseo (Balneario Camburiú, Brazil) Disco Fever, Garage Club, It Club, Muzik, Ultralounge, Sound Factory, W. Mix, Rave EXP (Cuiabá, Brazil), Mercado Mundo Mix (Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and São Paulo, Brazil), Festa Da Val, Rave Indústria Cluber (Aracajú, Brazil), Fashion Club (Recife, Brazil), DOT (Maringá, Brazil), Big Fish, The Hall, Box Club, Mediterrâneo (Curitiba, Brazil), Factory, Confraria, Nightlife (Florianópolis, Brazil), Stereo Pub (Curitiba, Brazil), Warp Zone, MTV Eletrônica, Lov.e, D-Edge, Loungedeluxe, BuBu Lounge, Club Z, Skol Spirit, Clube Vila V, Hall, Cokeluxe, Big Fish, Warp Zone, Christmas of Love, Eletrogroove, among others.

He also shared the pickups with well known names as: John Digweed, Derrick Carter, Audiofly,Del Horno,Wally Lopez, Little Louie Vega, Paul Harris, Yousef , Max Graham, Ricky Ryan, Ton Neville, Josh Wink, Behrouz, King Unique, New Order DJ set, Desyn Masielo, Demi, OMID 16B, Sven Vath, Marco Carola, Christian Varela, Jeff Swing, DJ Fist, Gustavo Zapata, Kriss Salas, Joy Marquez,Jordi Sanchez, among others. Record Labels: BugEyed Records, Exun Records, Renaissance,Knob Records,Southamerican Sound,Display Recordings,Housbeat Bag,Urbr, Lua Music,Intelecto Records,Superbia Recordings, Eletrodomésticos, Smart Traxx, Memorabilia Records,Tendenzia Records and Absolutely Records.

In 2008, Knob Records features Ricardo Motta's track,
"Kosmon" and was featured on DJ Style's compilation "Kilimanjaro".

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Ricardo Motta

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