In 1988 Freestyle Music turned JJ on to the turntables. He got his first set of turntables(belt driven)in june of 88. At the age of 13 he was going to parties and managed to get into bars and clubs with his father and ask all the question about being a DJ and what he needed to do. Without reservation everybody he spoke with was happy to talk to him laughing inside because he was so young. 6 months later he obtained his first pair of 1200's. He started off doing parties and underground until 1997 when Providence House Scene blew up. At this time all the DJ's he had got his knowledge from 9 years earlier were not in the game anymore so he didn't feel like he was stepping on toes. Starting in 97 he chose to start doing clubs, his chance to spin at mass venues was soon around the corner. With doing the clubs for about 18 months already a friend introduced him to a promoter who was promoting for several different clubs on different nights, with one CD, the next day he got a phone call from Joe, the promoter. He wanted to make sure he helped JJ get known. Before long he was working 7 nights a week doing clubs, raves, afterhours and house parties. With maximum exposer in providence, word got around to boston of JJ then he was asked to spin at clubs and afterhours up in Boston.

In Sept. 1999 JJ decided to move to Las Vegas, while only out there for 8 months he spun at Club RA, Dre's nightclub, and Spearmint Rhino Afterhours. When he came back to providence he decided to take a step back for a little while from clubs and start learning how to produce music, so in 2002 he graduated with a degree in recording engineer and started to produce his own tracks and doing remixes. With the meeting of John Kano in Miami at the WMC's 03 another venture into songwriting started. Over the past few years JJ has molded a sound of his own with the help of Eddie Baez & John Kano. He considers these two power hitters to be his mentors. When there was something missing JJ turned to these two for advise, and he was well on his way to becoming a top producer. With unsigned remixes for Whitney Houston, Monica, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stafani & Stevie Nicks just to name a few, JJ's sound has caught the ears of many DJ's, Producers & Artists both Veterans & New.

Currently JJ has worked on remixes for Janis Kay, an artist from the UK. A Test run on showed the remix to be a hit, it reached the ultimate honor of number 1 download beating out Kanye West. He will be working very closely with Janis and her Producer on her album, the very talented Richard Amos, on future projects.

In 2008, Knob Records features J.J. Royal's EP titled,
"Digital Psycho EP" and "Belly of the Beast EP".

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