Known for playing live bass guitar and live percussion along
 with his dj sets, Jevne has really set him self apart from the
 pack. Jevne has been playing bass for over 12 years and
 funks out a six string bass over original house music while
 live in the mix, if that’s not enough Jevne throws in set of
 bongs to compliment his sound. Jevne’s show has been
 blowing up all over, It’s taken Jevne to Miami, Vegas,
 Phoenix, Anchorage Alaska, Austin Texas and Key West
 Florida already in 2006! This is a show you don’t want to

 Djing 5-6 nights a week, running Onethirty Recordings,
 producing and remixing tracks that have appeared on many
 top djs charts to writing reviews for the Balance Record
 pool, Jevne’s life revolves around dance music and is shown
 through his dedication on all levels.

 Known as a genuine down to earth guy, Jevne began mixing
 in 1993 during his college days back in the mountains of
 Colorado, He moved his talents back to his hometown of
 Minneapolis and has been a respected staple of the
 Minneapolis scene since 1998. Jevne has been involved with
 some of the biggest events to happen in Minneapolis
 including one of the most successful weekly club nights
 “Plush” at the Quest Club, where Jevne played weekly with
 world renowned djs like Deep Dish, Dj Dan, Donald Glaude,
 Paul Van Dyk, Pete Tong and Richie Hawtin for thousands of
 people each week. Over the years Jevne has had many
 residencies in Minneapolis from Club Ground Zero, Martini
 Blu, The Caterpillar Lounge and The Lounge one of
 Minneapolis’s longest running hot spots. At The lounge on
 any given Friday night for a year you would find Jevne on
 the decks, 6 string bass guitar, and bongos with Chuck Love
 along side playing a multitude of instruments. Jevne was
 also a staple of the Midwest rave scene from 96 to 2000,
 playing many of the large events. Jevne now is one of the
 most in demand dj’s in Minneapolis and plays 5-6 nights a
 week in Minneapolis alone while holding down a Friday night
 residency at Visage (one of Minneapolis’s newest night
 clubs) and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at The
 Independent, not to mention playing with talent from across
 the globe while traveling playing music. Jevne has made his
 way to play in Miami, Vegas, Phoenix, Anchorage Alaska,
 Austin Texas and Key West Florida already in 2006, and is
 heading back to Alaska and Key West to play before the end
 of 2006.

 Jevne had the privilege of being the manager and buyer of
 Let It Be Records for six years. Let it Be was a highly
 respected dance music shop by many of the biggest djs in
 the world, it was a must stop shop for dj’s coming through
 Minneapolis. Many top-notch djs would order records from
 Jevne every week. In June of 2005 Let it Be unfortunately
 closed its doors, due to a high-rise building project. This
 gave Jevne more motivation then ever to produce, run
 Onethirty and spread the love of his talents!

 Jevne is the mind behind Onethirty Recordings. Onethirty
 was Jevne’s vision to start an outlet for his production
 talents and for a home to work with other artists/producers
 that he respects. Onethirty twists and turns threw house,
 tribal house and funky grooves made to make you move.
 The label has released music by Tony Thomas, Chuck Love,
 Alan Barratt, Deepgroove, Spur, The Scenheadz and of
 course Jevne. Up coming releases will hear music from: Leo
 Portela from Argentina, Aaron Roberts from Phoenix, Scud
 Bloom, Justin Martin, The Sceneheadz and more from Jevne.
 With the amazing switch to digital music Jevne & Onethirty
 are right there with it, with Onethirty Digital where
 Onethirty will release exclusive digital material through,,, and Onethirty has also teaming up with
 InGrooves to widen the digital distribution for the label.
 Listen for great music to come from Onethirty!

 On the production end Jevne has made a great mark so far,
 but is jut getting started. Many great producers including
 Chuck Love, Tony Thomas, Dizzy, Deepgroove, Justin Martin,
 Alan Barratt and more have remixed Jevne. His first few
 releases on Aphrodisio Records did amazingly well and were
 playing by many top djs. Jevne’s releases have appeared on
 many charts from D-Fuse’s to Pete Tong’s. His remix of Tony
 Thomas’s “Beats Treat” made it to # 1 on the Balance
 Record pool Chart for 2 weeks! All his other releases have
 appeared on the Balance Charts as well. His “Beats Treat”
 Remix appeared on the “White House” Compilation by
 Graham Sahara on Seamless Records and many of his other
 tracks have been requested for licensing as well. In 2004
 Jevne & Tony Mendez teamed up for a release on
 InProgressive Records (Spain) called “Music Overseas” the
 release went on to be InProgressive’s # 1 seller. Jevne has
 many great releases coming up including Jevne with
 Fourfeet “Take My Time” with a remix from Justin Martin,
 The "Soul Jammin ep" and The "My Bass U and Me ep” out on
 Capture ( this fall/ winter.
 Upcoming Jevne remixes include: Aaron Roberts “Soul it as
 Funk”, Leo Portela “Feel Right”, The Sceneheadz “Bumpin In
 Ontario” and more! Jevne is extremely motivated and is
 dedicated to making the best music he can!

 Jevne is a member of the Balance Record Pool
 ( Which is home to some of
 North Americas best djs, Jevne has access to amazing music
 threw the pool and is proud to be a part of presenting up
 front music to the listeners. Jevne and The Balance Record
 Pool rock the web every first Friday from 6-8pm EST (GMT -
 5) at With Jevne’s love and drive for
 dance music expect to see and hear great things from him in
 the future!

 In 2007, Knob Records features a Jevne remix on,
 DJ Style - "So Bad 2007".

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