All you have to do is experience one of Kramer’s DJ sets
 and you’ll be hooked. From the largest clubs in North
 America to massive desert sound systems at Burning Man,
 Kramer has consistently rocked crowds of thousands for
 over eight years. Quickly becoming one of the prominent
 Tribal DJ/Producers in the US, Kramer is a performer who
 stands out way above the crowd. He brings his unique Tribal
 sound to dance floors around the world: big tribal drums,
 dark, sexy bass lines, rhythmic world beats and, deep
 progressive synths; his sets are more than just music; they
 are a journey, always bringing the crowd into their dancing
 soul and to their peak clubbing experience.

 With his DJ upbringing in San Francisco’s Deep House scene,
 Kramer developed his own Progressive House sound and
 was soon in demand in a city known for being very particular
 for its taste in dance music. Clearly the scene was ready for
 something new. He was soon playing gigs with big name
 locals like Spesh, Jerry Bonham and Behrouz and was
 quickly become known as San Francisco’s hardest working
 DJ. As Kramer’s gigs started getting bigger, so did his

 In 2000, after listening to a mix by the Progressive DJ he
 respected most, John Digweed’s “Global Underground:
 Sydney,” it was track #5, Shapeshifter’s “Flood” which
 would influence him to move his music style into the realm
 of Tribal. With other Tribal influences such as Danny Tenaglia
 and Steve Lawler along with the Progressive House influence
 of Digweed, Kramer transformed his own sound and crafted
 it into the distinctive Tribal Progressive sound he currently
 rocks dance floors with. Now known as much for his
 energetic and animated personality behind the turntables as
 he is for his music, Kramer turns any club night into “the
 best night I’ve had.”

 Kramer currently holds residency at one of Mexico’s most
 exclusive clubs, Nectar Bar in Cancun. Additionally, in his
 home city of San Francisco, Kramer has played for every
 major nightclub and promoter. He is a four year resident DJ
 with Release, San Francisco’s longest running club night, as
 well as being a resident with Thump Radio. His newest
 residency is at Base Italy Underground night in San
 Francisco. Kramer has also held monthly residencies at San
 Francisco’s 1015 Folsom, Mezzanine and Cleveland, Ohio’s
 Moda Nightclub. Kramer’s DJ schedule is busy with
 appearances around the US and Mexico.

 In between nightclub shows and studio work, Kramer can
 also be heard in cyberspace. His acclaimed new monthly
 show United Tribal on features the top
 Tribal talent from around the world. He also regularly makes
 guest appearances on, Kramer is also a regular on XM Satellite
 Radio’s channel 80 The Move. Kramer is also one of the hand
 picked members of the exclusive Balance Record Pool and
 has recently accepted a position as West Coast A&R rep for
 Fiberline Audio.

 Kramer is co-owner of Transition Records and has several
 releases on his imprint, as well as several white label
 bootlegs under the moniker FreeAgent. Kramer has also
 done remix work for San Francisco’s Lo-Rise Recordings and
 is currently working on original tracks, as well as
 collaborating with Daniel Codella of Polare and Mike Giannini.

 Kramer is currently working on his first full-length release of
 original tracks of his signature Tribal Progressive sound.

 In 2006, Knob Records features a Kramer Remix of,
 Mike Giannini & DRC, “The Rhythm”.

 For additional information, check out the official website:
DJ Kramer

Press Kit: KramerPressKit.pdf

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