David Phillips was born in 1976 and very early started  getting on his parents nerves with loud music. In the early  eighties, he was into pop from A-Ha, Michael Jackson and  also soul, hip hop, dirty and hard heavy-metal as well.

 One day he saw a TV trailer from ID-T for its Thunderdome  Hardcore Sampler and since then he was interessted in  electronic music and started visiting the upcoming raves  and parties. After his first rave at the legendary "Alter  Flughafen / München-Riem" in 1992, he decided to DJ. He  has been impressed so much in getting people to dance to  his sound and this passion is still burning.

 After some gigs between rock and hip hop DJ´s, he got  asked for his first DJ residency in a club called La Grange. He  played there for about 3 years and because of the bookings,  he met many DJ´s and most of them became very good  friends. During this time, he met his label partner Harald  Klotzberg. Because of the La Grange residency, he got  offered residencies in 2 more clubs, Klangmine & Cave Club  in Ulm. Since then, David has been well known in the South  German scene and bookings throughout Germany results.

 As a result of his gigs around Germany, David was booked  for the legendary Nature One (1997) where he played at the  big "Century Circus" tent. At this time, he started to dream  of having his own label and his partner Harald Klotzberg did  as well. During an AfterHour in Winter 1999, both decided to  stop dreaming and they started. Harald already had a name  for the label, Decomplex Audio, and a project name for the  live-act was quickly found. Aqualab & Davis was born.

 After their first releases on Decomplex Audio, national and  international bookings resulted. David played big parties like  Nature One, Liberty One, Love Stern Galaktika (Berlin),  Shiva (Switzerland), Street Parade (Zürich), Love Parade,  Space (Ibiza) and so on...

 Now, David has several projects running. David Phillips  (Tribal/Progressive House) and David Phillips & Marcel Best  (Electro/Techhouse/Minimal). He produces for different  labels like Basilensis (Switzerland), MUE (Spain), BlackSun  (Spain), Exquisi Tech (Spain), Knob (USA) and in 2003, David  and Harry started some additional labels.

 David Phillips is Germany´s #1 Tribal/House DJ and  producer. His album, “The Man on the Drums“ on Global  Ritmico 003 was charted at #2 on the Balance Record Pool  and has received massive support from all big DJ's around  the world. His own 2 labels, Global Ritmico and Approximate  Recordings continue to grow strongly. In the future, there  will be some cool new and fresh productions with a lot of  DJ´s from around the globe on his labels. Watch out.

 In 2006, Knob Records features David's huge tribal EP  titled, “The Voodoo Man”.

 For additional information, check out his official website:
David Phillips

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