S.O.N. began his dj career in 1994, this was his first appearance at an event, with a crowd of approximately 400 people at a club in Mexico City. That day he showed the people, in spite of his young age that he could rock people with beats overloaded them with energy. This celebration was the springboard that impulsed him strongly into his career, allowing him to share the stage with artists of great stature, such as: A.J. Mora, Travis Lea, Andreas Kremer, Justin Verkovi, Miss Yetti, Robert Natus, Frank Kvitta, T-1000, Pacou, Gunjack, Greg Goldsack between many more. These events allowed him to travel to many different countries in America and Europe to show different cultures his intense style of music and show them his unique cutting edge sound. In 2000 he began to produce his own tracks, obtaining an incredible acceptance from the crowd, his tracks are now played and remixed by very important international djs/producers around the globe like Greg Kobe, Merk Ankh, Dj Nojs, Daniel Granados, Chris Zimmer, Ricardo Reyna, Sir Round, etc.

Alex Roman was a founding partner of the Terratechno group in 2002, impelling the movement of progressive house and techno in Mexico at all levels. He reached his resignation of that group in order to return to his own project “Plastic Pleasure”.

Alex now belongs to many dj agencies. His name appears next to stars like Danilo Vigorito, Sven Väth, Umek, Adam Beyer, Patric Lindsey, Monika Kruse, Marco Bailey, Misstress Barbara, showing that he has the skills to make the crowds go crazy with his beats.

Alex Roman a.k.a. S.O.N. is the creator of “Plastic Pleasure” organized and formed in 2001 in order to bring more recent electronic rhythms to Mexico. The organization which was transforming into a group of DJs with only one aim is to show the world the best electronic music. Watch out…..He’s going to take the world by storm.

Apogée (dj set) - Enjambre Records (2001)
Entelequia (dj set) - Enjambre Records (2001)
Heib und Kalt (dj set) - Enjambre Records (2001)
Soft Kiss (Single) - Terratechno Productions (2002)
Sexolo (Album) - Plastic Pleasure Productions (2004)
DTW2 (Compilado)-Ensamble (2004)
Alex Roman @ DTW2 (dj set)-Ensamble (2005)
Schranz Masters Vol 1 (Compilado) Sabor Guayaba -Machin (2005)
Schranz Masters Vol 2 (Compilado) Ethnical Groove -Machin (2006)
Purple Sunset EP – Peeled tracks (2006)
Coolant Rain (Single) – The butterfly effect records (2006)
Coolant Rain EP – The butterfly effect records (2006)
Mad Modulation (Single) – Sound Evolution Records (2006)
Ya no existes EP – Superbia Records (2006)
Sadistic Dreams – Peeled annual compilation- Peeled Tracks (2006)
Five Stars EP – Superbia Records (2006)
Natural LP – Knob Records (2007)

Work with other artists
Andreas Kremer Feat Alex Roman – Pucha loca de pollo- Expanded (2006)
Dj Kilo & Alex Roman –Sacúdelo (2005)
Alex Roman Vs Funky Size- Mollete Lijon and Friends- Empty Records (2005)
Alex Roman & Ricardo Reyna- Looking Forward- RR (2006)

Arenita Azul (Alex Supahard rmx)- Virtual Sound- Senzo (2006)
Nunca (S.O.N. ES RMX)-Playmobil- (2006)
Exodus (Exodus & Alex R Techno RMX)- Exodus- (2006)
Rats (AR RMX) – DJ Topo – Superbia Records (2006)
Small Car (AR RMX) – DJ Topo – Superbia Records (2006)

In 2007, Knob Records features Alejandro Roman's album titled, "Natural LP".

In 2008, Knob Records features Alejandro Roman's EP titled, "Exitacion EP". In addition, Alejandro showcases his remix skills on Ricardo Motta's, "Kosmon".

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